Murderous Horizons

White Crow photo by Peter Crane
White Crow photo by Peter Crane


Tamar perched on the largest rock on the pile
heavy stones cast away at the drain-ditch’s end
surveyor’s invisible scream joined fenceless yards
Crow stood in the dew-moist grass with tilted head
peculiar contrast of white primary feathers with black
intelligent call articulating vacillation of life and death
Truth’s familiar disclosing betrayal in mortal acts
angry God consumed by recourse to his own moniker
ancient sibling’s wonderfully white plumage turned soot
Truth’s twin piercing the inconstant flesh to death
boy pulled from flames before the pyre burned away
well-schooled in medicinal arts with Gorgon’s blood
fallen men snatched from death to walk the earth again
snake-encoiled staff raised high in triumph over time

Tamar spoke of her own desire to care for animals
convincing Crow to display her own white pinions
she ran her fingers along the smooth fair vane
Crow spoke the histories of her solid-black murder
proclaiming uniqueness beyond outward appearance
displeased Gods always exposing origins of being
the spiritual bird calling forth God’s desire for truth
eschewing food restrictions and consuming anything
a fine balancing in the contrast of earth and sky
carnality and spirit in a display of wonderment
Coyote brought out the cardboard box of tabby kittens
recently weaned and rambunctiously scrapping for fun
Tamar melted in nature’s spell for infant cuteness
Crow became tense and stern with a violent harangue
before she flew back to the comfort of her murder
black and white magnificently displayed for tragedy’s sake
Coyote and Tamar enraptured and oblivious to ill omens