Time’s Chemistry

Chemistry Set

surface sheen glistening over-exposed
edges dissolved into an abyss of white light
world oversaturated by acute luminosity
yet midpoint contrast of yawning shutter
histories of happiness on call and returning
availability of time caught in instant’s flash
intimate smile ablaze in the too-much light
flawless reproduction of immaculate ebullience
aphotic torment concealed in lambent wash
scant outward delight lost in perpetual return
but through the blinding overlay of light
Coyote tried to squint out old lost meanings
mellowed occasion’s vibrant oblique glimpses
painful shadows recede behind radiant beauty
impartial moment’s glaring revelation of truth

Coyote descended into the basement’s damp gloom
perplexed Tamar hesitated on the soiled stairs
assaulted by the effluvium of nasty cellar mold
pupils adjusting to the limited available light
projected from the tiny rectangular storm windows
shadow things danced all along the cement walls
trunks and moving boxes presented themselves
a strange glow from an oval of close red stipples
withdrew into Tamar’s cheek and disappeared
they uncapped bottles of innocuous substances
experiment cards ignored for playful execution
longing for explosive volatility of chemicals
mesmerized by the alcohol burner’s yellow flame
oblivious to encrusted adulterations in the crucible

A Coyote poem by Peter Crane