About Coyote Outlook

Coyote Outlook
Photograph by Christine Mullin.

I’ve changed my ways a little, I cannot now
Run with you in the evenings along the shore,
Except in a kind of dream, and you, if you dream a moment,
You see me there.
– Robinson Jeffers

Coyote Outlook is a place where I can practice my writing.   One of the meanings of the word essay is “an attempt or endeavor”.  This will be my point-of-departure for the essays on this site.  They are an attempt to comment on and express opinions about music, literature, and film in an informal, vignette style. I will also be including some of my poetry and short stories.

I hope you will enjoy these short pieces of writing.

About Peter Crane

After much wandering about I settled in Ottawa two-and-a-half decades ago, leaving factory work and Guelph behind, to begin my formal education. I participates in the work-a-day world of the Canadian civil service. With a growing unease of desire, and to abate the urge to knock peoples’ hats off, I have taken to writing in order to magic away the tragic demons of predictability. Whether the creative charm will actually work remains to be seen, but the process up until now has been fruitful. I am blessed with a wife with whom I have lived with since I was a teenager and two beautiful children to care for. I have worked at many jobs, from serving as a gunner in the military to working on assembly lines in factories, before settling down in Ottawa. I was born in Chicago, but lived out my youth across Canada and even spent some time in Argentina.