Turning Bedposts

Bed Post by Peter Crane
Bed Post by Peter Crane


gazing into counterfeit harmony of rotational symmetry
bedpost’s turnings emerging along untold paths
soft illusion projecting the desired form in movement
Euclidean scowl at the axis of rotation as image fades
gloved hand gently cups moving pattern to scratch surface
terrible grip of grit paper wearing closer to the idea
angry heat rising at torturous touch pulling at the thing
streams of wood-dust spill into the air’s fluorescence
geysers of dissolved wood shooting up from contact
youth’s romantic notion of labour coated in production
silt of reality the mere detritus of endless repetition
Michelangelo’s drawing things from raw unformed marble
dissolved in the smell of wood and glue—burning memories

gloom of interrupted turns in seconds of inspection
raw interchangeable cut of wood cuffed to the lathe
static post’s coarse irregularities exposed and suspended
spun out again with the motor’s inexhaustible work
administering finer papers to the longed-for image
until smooth shape becomes fixed and eternal
difference between movement and immobility erased
yet there is always another fuzzily cut post awaiting

former bowl-turner observes the passing of the blade
cutting repeatable round shapes from the flat template
his skid rich with mechanized wooden production
soft pine timber almost begging for rotation

Coyote delighted in the dark deformed knots
estuaries of misshapen bark flowed into the form
fine pits of brilliant wormholes splattered surfaces
beautiful irregular bowls crafted in reverence
the work a former life of a skilled artisan
revealed in myriad unsold attractive bowls
exotic woods and careful hand-rubbed finishes
turned now to guiding and observation
three templates traversed time and time again
three units of bed an end in franchise return
lunchroom littered with wooden business failure
short repast a break in the cycle of fabrication
warehouse screaming for endless product
no rest until thirty units are packed and shipped
return in clamped planks waiting for glue to dry