Vesica Piscis

Christ in majesty in a mandorla
Christ in majesty in a mandorla, surrounded by emblems of the evangelists: ivory plaques on a wooden coffret, Cologne, first half of the 13th century (Musée de Cluny) GNU Free Documentation License


authentic kindred circles share equivalent radii
borne by eternal repetition of self-same spokes
a parallel linear echo revealed in its intimate
overlapping spheres conceive a yonic mandoria
two-dimensional mirrored arcs emblematic
formation of mystical parturient fish bladder
elementary sacred geometry unveiling birth
anointed pre-historic mark of emerging being
dawn’s presence still shrouded by enigma
finite boundary framing Christ’s infinite aureola
miraculous fishes replicated as spiritual food
spun horizontally ichthys outlined secret sign
points of light emulating Virgo’s constellation
dedicated to virgin mother and woman disciple
Kali and Isis also came to be like the fish
wonderful intersection with Shiva and Osirus
Hubble’s lens focused on the Hour Glass Nebula
dying star brazenly displaying the Hand of God

Tamar and Coyote sat under the willow tree
slender weeping branches fell all around them
laden with gorgeous oval-shaped leaves
feather-vein fractal patterns repeated forever
in nature’s diverse ranges of yellow and green
resilient roots founded the tree in the earth
and even tenaciously sprang from the canopy
joyously celebrating existence in two-way growth
medicinal gray bark replete with salicylic acid
the tree’s gift of shade embracing the children
who were already marked from birth and work
banished into the bad world of brutal experience
spilled pomegranate jewels bled before them
Tamar reached in to kiss Coyote’s stained lips
quick brush and exchange of spiritual breath
weeping with joy willow exalts striking reunion
origins come screaming out of concealment
invisible vesica of grounded being enlivened
tree’s presence reclaimed friendship’s celebration
surrendering spheres lovingly merge into one
enframing young couple and long verboten tree
Divine geometry erasing time and history